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wedding photography


I love to have first meetings in person or over the phone when possible, so I can get to know you both as a couple, get a really good understanding of your vision of your wedding, answer any questions you might have, and also discuss your ideas and how I go about photographing a wedding. At that time we will also schedule a date and location for your engagement session.

your wedding day

My style of photography will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing those natural expressions of true emotion to come through in your photographs. My favourite part of a wedding day is the story telling, so I take care to capture all of the moments and details of your day. I piece together all of the elements that make your day unique to you. When I do the formal shots, I give you the basic direction for a pose, you make it your own and I tweak it to make you look amazing. You will never be left standing there wondering what you should be doing or if you're doing things right. The rest of the day is for you to simply enjoy yourselves! I capture you living and loving every moment of your wedding day as beautifully as I can. I will work with you to create an organized plan that ensures we get all the images you want from your day. My goal for your wedding photography is to portray the happiness, emotion and beauty of every detail and moment of your wedding day, so when you look back at your photographs you are taken back to how you felt at that moment.

engagement session

The engagement photo session is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and get comfortable with each other before the big day. The engagement photo session will really help you feel more at ease with me photographing every moment of your day, since not everyone feels comfortable being photographed at all, let alone a full day. You will also get a better idea of how I direct the photography session which will make things less stressful for you on your wedding day, you will feel confident that I will get the shots you love and make you look amazing. Plus it allows me to get a better idea of what style of photographs you like the most, how you interact as a couple and from what angles you photograph best, so your wedding photographs are tailored to you.

baby photography


I love to have first meetings in person or over the phone when possible, so I can get to know you, answer any questions you might have, and also discuss your ideas, as well as some of my own creative ideas that will be unique to you. At that time we will also schedule a date and location for your photography session.

photography session

The focus of the shoot will be on the baby, and his/her interaction with the family. I do the newborn session in your home, this is where everyone is most comfortable and I work on baby's schedule. I will find a detail or a moment to photograph during a feeding or get some shots of siblings during a diaper change. I keep the session very relaxed and go with the flow of your family, there won't be any battles to get older siblings to sit still.

| special note for baby photography |

I don't believe there is only 14 days to photograph your baby, I love the entire first year! After many sessions, I’ve identified the best three baby stages below—each is ideal for imagery expression, animation and movement.

wrinkly newborn

PLEASE call me before or as soon as your baby is born so we can do your newborn session within the first 2 weeks. Despite the chaos of bringing a new person into your family and the sleep deprivation that goes along with it (trust me, I know!), clients often tell me that their newborm portraits hold a very special place in their hearts. This session takes place in your home, where your baby is most comfortable.

sitting & smiling

When your baby can sit up without assistance (and can’t quite crawl) is another great time for portraits. At that time, babies have just found a new way to see the world and they smile a LOT! That's when we get the sweetest smiles and most amazing expressions.

first steps

Finally, when your baby takes his or her first steps is another one of my favourite times for portraits. Determination and confident smiles abound! I like to shoot this session outside, where your toddler can explore and have fun.

family photography


We will usually discuss through email or phone your ideas for the family photo session and I will help you with ideas for locations, what to wear, etc.

photography session

My style of photography will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and I can assure you, we will actually have fun! My goal is to make sure you look amazing in your photographs, with the most flattering angles and light, so I will guide you through the process and direct the shoot and any posing so you're not standing there feeling like you don't know what to do. Don’t worry about pre-practicing smiles, we will be having so much fun that the smiles and natural expressions always come out. I don't expect your toddler to sit still for very long and neither should you. I take lots of breaks, and I shoot really fast so I can capture even the fastest toddler. Having three boys myself, I have a lot of practice!

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